About the GURIUM Concept

For a First Introduction to the Concept and get Quick Benefits out of Gurium please watch the first part of our Tutorial:    Quick Start Demo

The powerfull features described in this tutorial are made possible thanks to the findings that

  • The number of game changing news messages published every day is, for any topic, very low
  • At least 90% of the information contained in the newsmessages can, for any topic, be described by

    Actors and their (intrinsic) properties

    > Is usually the only part covered by actual “information systems”
    > We interpret it in the widest sense of the word

         - People, organizations, companies, markets, clubs,…
         - Products, services, regulations, funds, information,…

    Hiërarchic relationships between actors
    > Weighed mother/daughter relationships
    > Unlimited number of hierarchical structures between actors


    > In the widest sense
         - Wide scope of different transaction types but with same structure
    Unlimited addition of transaction types
    > At any level thanks to the hierarchic relationships functionalities


The key feature in the whole concept is the single structure of the Transactions.

GURIUM uses a single structure to capture and manage news messages about any possible domain
The structured messages are stored as, domain independent, knowledge building blocs
Any user request of any kind will collect and combine the relevant messages across the entire structure
Queries and analysis takes also into account implicit relationships based on hierarchy between actors

Transactions are basically about "Who is doing what, where, for whom, why and where?" and includes additional comments and data about it.

Not all fields of this syntax needs to be used and the meaning of the transaction changes according to what fields are in use.
On top of that the words Who, What, ...etc. have to be interpreted in the largest possible sense allowing for a surprising variety of information types to be described as Transactions at any level of detail.

>John Doe having a master degree in physics from the Biotopsy University will be stored as: -The Biotopsy University delivered a master degree in         physics to John Doe-
>That self driving cars are allowed on public roads in California will be stored as: -The Authorities of California delivered a licence for use of self driving cars in California-
>That John Doe is heading JD Motors will be stored as: -John Doe is delivering General Management srevices to JD Motors-
>That John Doe had a bad experience with his Biotopsy electric car will be stored as a comment about: -John Doe purchased a Biotopsy electric car-

A transaction can very often be non-commercial. An organization, person, activity can simply benefit from a service or from information that is delivered.