Interpretation of the 360° Report ( read here about it: Demo Video Under Construction )

Important difference between Quick Start Output and Building you own 360° Report

  • The Quick Start output is always filtered to only contain expert's contibutions.
  • When building your own 360° reports, all contributions are taken into account.
  • You can, however, make use of black- or white-lists to restrict the selection to specific contributors.

This is how a full 360° Report looks like     (Please read  About  first)

  • It is not meant to be glamorus but to be powerfull in terms of knowledge description and analysability
  • The Standard 360° Report in the Quick Start modus is easier to read but does not allow the full use of all analysis tools

The above 360° Report is covering the "news about Google" (within a given timeframe and for this tutorial purpose only)

  • It is of course again using the Transaction syntax in a very wide sense of the words Who, What, ...etc
  • It is an extract of the results and the information has been collected for a period of time
  • Some columns have been hidden (geographical and sizing information) for better visibility
  • Some records have been added for illustration purposes only

360° means that all relevant news messages are combined to provide information
  • Downstream of Google (D-records): facts and comments about Google activities (What?; How?; Why?; etc.)
  • Upstream of Google (U-records): facts and comments about supply side of Google in the largest sense: used technologies; regulations affecting them; stimulation by authorities
  • Drill-down information: the Google daughters facts are taken into account: companies they bought or organizations they are participating in
  • Bird-eyes information: Google mothers comments are taken into account: comments valid for Technology Industry or American Companies are also valid for Google

The 360° Report can be Further be Analysed

  • When a record of type "Fact" is selected an additional button on top of the report allows to search across GURIUM for comments that are relevant to this specific fact (see further for difference between Fact and Comment). They show up in a new screen.
  • The user can of course further refine the report with additional selection and ranking

Creating A 360° Report

See our Tutorial First:       360° Report and Feeds Demod Feeds Demo

Additional Comments

  • When creating a new 360° Report a combination of up to three parameters can be entered (market, organization, activity) to define a Domain of Interest.
    This is enough thanks to a wide interpretation of the parameters and the underlying hierarchies.
  • To enter a parameter you click on "select" in the corresponding field to open the tool for searching across the available inputs. It might be wise to first click on "Treeview" underneath the corresponding field to explore the actual, but continuously expanding, scope and hierarchy.
  • Any level in the hierarchy can be used as a parameter for the creation of the report. In the present version of GURIUM it is not yet possible to select here an input from the "Treeview", it needs to be done through the search tool. This is however possible in the Quick Start mode.
  • More experienced users can make use of the Black- and White-Lists to restrict the search to inputs from given contributors (e.g. Guru's).
  • It is possible to subscribe to the RSS feed of every newly created report. You can of course also use the pre-defined RSS feeds.